Developing Financial Statements & Measures

Developing Financial Statements and Measures

Learn how to transform your financial records into meaningful financial statements and ratios

Understanding and utilizing farm records is one of the most critical activities that a producer can undertake. Farm records are the result of every decision that the producer made. Putting them together in organized financial statements helps the producer know where to look to identify issues. But, in order to utilize the information the farm generates to your advantage, you have to understand HOW to put these statements together and HOW to interpret them. The free online training course, Interpreting Financial Statements and Measures (IFSaM), uses videos and hands-on examples to help thousands of producers, educators, lenders and other ag professionals put together and understand the information that comes out of their records.

Developing Financial Statements & Measures (DFSaM) will help you understand what records to collect, how to organize them into financial statements, and how to calculate the ratios used in farming operations and interpreted in IFSaM. After you complete this course, we encourage you to continue into IFSaM to learn how to put those new financial records to use on your Farm!